Tuesday, June 9, 2009

True Blood Drive

John Silva, our friend and my longtime mentor, in the CHLA Blood Mobile last Thursday. His wife Shana Weiss was one of the organizers of the blood drive—another in a long string of loving and supportive actions they've sent our way since Pablo's diagnosis.

Last Thursday, our friends Shana Weiss, Mary Kay Patrick and Marilyn Parkin threw a blood drive at Pablo's new school, The Oaks. Even though Pablo won't start kindergarten until September, the Oaks is filled with his friends, our friends, and plenty of folks who are supporting Pablo prior to meeting him. Lots of Walther School kids populate the classrooms there, as does one adult Walther alumni: art teacher Marilyn, who's now full time at The Oaks. For a kid who has had more blood transfusions than ice cream cones in the past year, this is a hugely loving act. Pablo may need a pint this week, in fact. And even if he doesn't, the juice will be put to good use at CHLA.

The Oaks blood drive had an incredible turnout—as you will read in the newsletter update that Shana wrote. I'm always up for a reprint—saves me some typing time, which I need today, so I can go ride my bike before we leave for our 3 p.m. meeting with Dr M at CHLA!

Here's the deets:

Oaks Blood Drive Yields 50 Pints! A hearty thank you to everyone who participated in the Oaks Blood Drive this morning. With over 80 parents, faculty and staff members, we yielded over 50 pints of blood -- a gift that translates into a chance at life for nearly 150 preemie babies . . . and will all be used by Sunday night. In addition, we have 10 units set aside for Pablo to be used in his ongoing treatment. And given that the Red Cross charges $500 per pint, we have collectively contributed a gift to the hospital of $25,000. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts . . . and we hope to see you again in the Fall for our next Blood Drive.

We send a heartfelt jolt of gratitude and love to the trio of organizers, The Oaks administration and staff, and all those who got poked in the arm and donated their true blood.

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