Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oaks Blood + Pablo's Heart

We're tucked away in the nicest corner stall of the CHLA Day Hospital. There's a great view. But we're not here for the gorgeous view of Silverlake, Echo Park and downtown. We're here for a blood transfusion - to put a pint of last Thursday's Oaks harvest into Pablo's heart + veins. The blood is ordered, and should be here shortly. Then our nurse, Anthony, will access P's port, and start the blood drip.

The next four hours will be spent here, with our southern view and another glorious (for me) cloud-filled June sky outside the window. Today, as always, we came prepared for the long haul. P brought five Lemony Snicket books to read (he pages through, studying the words, letters and occasional illustration). Jo Ann and I brought our copies of 'The Hobbit' - we are joining Grady on his summer reading list; this book, my least favorite of the three we're reading, is his choice as ice-breaker.

Last night, Peter took Grady to see 'Debacle,' a skateboarding movie that was screened at Nike's Montalban Theater in Hollywood. That's the same location that hosted the Livestrong event back in February. They had a good time eating popcorn and - unexpectedly - waiting a long time for the movie's skater star to cab it to the theater from the ER so he could introduce the flick. The dude seriously injured himself while skating yesterday afternoon. Guess Peter and Grady can't avoid being around people who hang out in hospitals!

OK, more later.... I better dive into Hobbitland. For me, this kinda literature is the equivalent of eating raw tomatoes or brussels sprouts. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

I love to hear about Pablo's robbing ways. Hilarious! He really knows how to work it! Steal'n and then getting a reward! Awesome!

Lisa Hickey said...

So, I wanted to share a YouTube video with you guys. As I watched this video, of course I was thinking of you guys and what you are going through. Thinking about Pablo's army and how we are all preying and hoping on a miracle for him. This girl is one of my friends. Our children go to school together. This little boy was a patient at Children's Hospital as well. He's a gorgeous blond haired, spunky, baseball playing, kindergartener, full of life. Mother's do know best, Doctors don’t always have all the right answers, Miracles do happen!!!!

Lisa Hickey said...

Sorry, hopefully this link works so you don't have to cut and paste. It's worth watching. : )