Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Tub Hello

Pablo and I are swimmin in the hot tub at Peter + Brie + Lennon's house. It's cold and cloudy in LA today, so hot water is the key to our H2O happiness. P's swim skillz are gettin better by the day. Today, he started diving down to the bottom to touch my toes. In between dives, out of nowhere, P spouted out the kookiest questions I've ever heard him ask: 'What are you, some kind of hipster?'

Then he asked, 'I wonder what kind of stuff Lennon's doctor does with him?'

P is happy no matter where he is. The sun + air temp don't matter to him. But I gotta say, he is EVEN happier when he's floating in water....

Next stop: OSH Hardware - we're in search of a new cop-style flashlight. P wants to hone his driving license checkin routine.

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Anonymous said...

I think Pablo could have serious fun with night vision goggles!! Might even find that fox in the neighborhood.