Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arrangements TBA

Hi everyone, Hrishikesh here, posting briefly. Plans for a memorial service—a celebration of Pablo's life—are underway, but the venue has not yet been confirmed. We're planning on it happening Tuesday evening, with the funeral the next morning at Forest Lawn. Please check back tomorrow for confirmation and more details. The outpouring of love that has been sent to Jeff, Jo Ann, and Grady has been reverberating throughout the house; it is deeply felt. Thank you.


Unknown said...

I wish we could be there for you guys, but we'll be there in spirit, with bells on. Thinking of you guys and sending our love from Australia.

Pablo is the man!

Ned, Dappled

Bruce Dundore said...

Jeff, you and JoAnn and Grady are blessed to have experienced an Angel. Sometimes they stay a lifetime, sometimes they stay only a small amount of time. But they touch us, teach us, tame us, and tell us how to live. Pablo's destiny was to be here for this finite amount of time. The way he touched your lives will guide you forever. It's all a journey. We keep thinking about beginnings and endings and plot and purpose, but the fact of the matter is that the adventure of life is a journey, its enjoyment is in the joy and discovery had during the journey, not the end of the journey, not some bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow. Pablo was there to guide that journey, to inform it and to provide you with a map of appreciation of each moment of the journey. He was one brave angel. You are richer and better as his memory owns a piece of your soul. Let the positive memories of that brave trooper inform the rest of your lives.

Unknown said...

I wish we could be there with you guys. We are with you in spirit and love. Meagan and I are praying for you and sending all our love your way.

Love always,
Colleen and Meagan

Charlotte said...

We cannot wait to celebrate Pablo's life with you!

charlotte+ the rest of the foleys

Unknown said...

Keep us updated. Hoping to find a way to be out there. And if not, it's exactly like Ned said: Will certainly be there in spirit...


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you all today. Hugging you from down at the beach.


The Kastners