Friday, June 12, 2009

Jailbird Bookworm

Pablo woke up, put on his jailbird costume and gathered the five books in his 'Spiderwick Chronicles' collection. Without a word, he sat down at the coffee table and started reading—leafing through each book, a page at a time—with a very studious and serious look on his face. The scene was too precious to keep to myself. I had to share it here. To see a little boy compelled to experience books, even before he knows how to read, is incredible. He's our jailbird bookworm.

Uncle Dean is in the air, on his way to LA from Milwaukee. He doesn't know it, but once he arrives, we're going to take him to Descanso Gardens for a bit of tranquility. Tonight or tomorrow, we're going to hit the other end of the spectrum—Pablo wants to see the new Eddie Murphy flick, 'Imagine That.' Looks like Nickelodeon's wall-to-wall advertising has been effective on our little consumer. He really likes the 'Queen of England' line in the commercial. We're up for seeing it—anything will be better than last weekend's movie misadventure, 'Land of the Lost.' We're still wondering how that movie ever got made.


Anonymous said...

Pablo looks great! And that jailbird outfit? Priceless!

Thanks for the "Land of The Lost" movie review.....will pass now.......

We are thinking of Pablo & praying for him every day! Hope you enjoy the movie with long as they laugh, it's all good!


The Kastners

Dawn: said...

Jailbird/Bookworm...what an amazing combination.

audra said...

Pablo's constant smiles inspire us!
Saw the Twitter about the shakes; Sylvie's a chocolate/peanut butter fanatic too so I got Ultrameal dutch chocolate protein powder (no added sugar), nut butter and added some flax oil, nutrical (to add more calories) and any kind of rice/soy/almond milk. I snuck Udo's greens into it once or twice. I only wish she had an appetite like Pablo though-- he's always eating! Thinking about all of you.