Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pablo, Age 5.9999

Most guys in prison uniforms don't have handguns. Pablo must've worked out a sweet hush deal with the guards. Today is another feel-good day for P, and for that simple fact we are grateful, happy and breathing easy. Nana and Boo are here and did some good snuggling and hanging with P this morning. At the moment they are in Monrovia with Jo Ann, buying bday gifts for Pablo at an independent toy store. Pablo and I are headed to Velo Pasadena for a quick minute. We're all gonna meet up at the pride of Glendale—the Americana outdoor mall—to take in the child-friendly movie 'The Proposal.' I'm hoping we can take a walk around the Reservoir after dinner. It's another cool and gloomy day in LA. Most people don't like this weather, but it's my fave—especially when it comes to cycling or going outdoors with P.

By the way, Pablo borrowed a book from Dr Marsha Conner, his Chinese medicine doctor in Mt Washington. It's called 'Dumb Jokes For Smart Kids.' He's paging through it reciting jokes. He doesn't know how to read. He has memorized entire groups of jokes based on the
corresponding illustrations. One page has an elephant with an umbrella. So he knows the joke is:

Q: What do you call an elephant umbrella?
A: An umbrellaphant.

I never tire of watching Pablo just be Pablo.... It's the best job in the world....

Tomorrow is Pablo's sixth birthday. I guess that makes him 5.9999 years old today!


Stephanie said...

Hey there Pablo, Happy 6th Birthday!!!!!! Don't have to tell you to have a great day, I know you will. Love ya, God Bless.

Happy Fathers Day,too!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday Pablo!!!! Love Jen Rhodes

Jackson said...

We wanted to wish you a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your buddies in Virginia.
Happy Fathers day to Jeff.
Cheri, Lauren, Evan and Jackson

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pablo!!!!!! Love from all of your 4 WEST peeps,
Danica, Tommy, Teresa, Melissa, Shelly, Kim, Holly, & Jamie.

Happy Father's Day too Jeff.

Lisa Hickey said...

Happy Birthday, Pablo! We hope you have a fun day filled with lots of robberies and loot! If you ever get a chance, REI (in Arcadia) has a really cool marshmellow shootn gun. You might want to add that to your cool gun collection. You never know, it might help you get more cash out of your victims. : )