Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Portrait

Strangely, it's a rare moment when our whole family is together with a fifth person on hand to snap a pic of us. Last night, on the front porch at Brian Aubert and Tracy Marcellino's place, was one of those rare moments. The back drop couldn't be more beautiful - looking west over Sunset Boulevard and the hills of Silverlake.

The man with cam in hand was uncle Dean. We were all happy cos it was Brian's bday, and we'd just had a nice hang with him and Tracy in their back yard. Within one second of arriving in the yard, Pablo invented a game - he stood on the brick edge of the reflection pond and jumped onto the wood deck. Of course P's game had to involve peril and suspense!Grady had so much fun that he stepped in a pile of dog doo and sullied his brand new polka-dotted Jordans.

This morning, we are at Mani's Bakery on Fairfax, about to lay into some vegan (and vegan-ish) brekkie. Then we're hitting a screening of 'Imagine That' across the street at The Grove.

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