Friday, September 25, 2009

Perez Hilton Sends Out A Ray Of Pablove

Celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton sent out a massive ray of Pablove on his site this morning, dropping Pablove Across America into his Worthy Cause section. This is a huge boost for The Pablove Foundation—Perez's site is one of the most widely read on the Internet. Between this and our Interbike activation yesterday in Las Vegas, I'm a little overwhelmed. In a good way. But feeling a bit wobbly nonetheless. The other day, I told you that one of our goals with Pablove Across America was to grow the Pablove Foundation nationally. So we're right on track. Our goals are being checked off the list one by one. It's a wonderful feeling.

You know what else? Every time we get a confirmation on a news piece or something as cool as Perez's support pops up on my email, I get the same feeling: I wish Pablo was jumping on my head and laughing and asking Jo Ann for food and pulling Grady's hair and going to the park with Polly. Of course I feel that way. I'd give up everything for that ultimate goal: to have Pablo back, here, in the physical realm.

But Pablo has not been here, in this house, since Saturday June 27 2009. So we are dedicated to carrying on his legacy of love and curiosity and passion in the name of The Pablove Foundation. We are dedicated to floating the biggest balloon as high in the sky as possible—to give back, to reach back, to help kids with cancer. And the people who help kids with cancer.

Sitting here typing in stunned gratitude for all these Pablove Foundation goals and the check marks beside them, I bring the focus of my heart back to Pablo. Our little boy with the everywhere hair, the four missing front teeth, the hands that were always alllllllmost as big as mine, the husky voice and the sinister laugh. Pablo: the reason we continue on, fighting childhood cancer with love. When I sit in Pablo's love, and remember his smile and how his eyes lit up when he was happy or excited, I am in clear connection with the source of my own passion, my own ability to carry on in my life. And certainly my motivation to ride across the continent.

Today, I will accept that all of this is happening. And that it's much-needed wind in the sails of The Pablove Foundation. I will also accept the bittersweetness of the blood in my veins at moments like these. I'd better accept it. At this point, there's no way off this train.


Anonymous said...

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September 23rd, 2009

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September 22nd, 2009

I just discovered and listened to your two YouTube talks @, Jeff!

All I can think of right now... is GRATITUDE to Laura Piersol for introducing our family to you, JoAnn and Grady. It was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

I have also sent the link to PAA to Trent of Pink is the New blog...another great venue for spreading the word.

My thoughts are always with your family.

xo Ange In MKE

Lisa Hickey said...

Fantastic! Just has I finished reading this post, I looked down at the pictures of Pablo that change, and it was the pic of all of you guys standing there in a circle with your yellow Pablove bracelets on. United in the fight against childhood cancer, with Pablo right there next to you. Where he is now and will always be. Great work! My family is always cheering you on!