Monday, September 28, 2009

Pablove Foundation eBay Auction Needs Your Eyeballs

Keep reading to learn about The Pablove Foundation's eBay auction site

My intention in writing the Pablog is to share my experience. Has been from the first post on May 18 2008. For a long time, my writing was about the life and times of Pablo. His grace he exhibited while being treated for cancer. The fun he had wherever he went. His sudden death. The sadness, confusion and emptiness we feel in his absence. Over the past few weeks, I've written about my goal of riding across the United States. For 3,100 miles, I will be in search of Pablo. In search of me. In search of the answer. The meaning of it all. I believe that everything means something. I better. This is one helluva commitment I've made.

In planning Pablove Across America, my life has been focused on passing on the passion, fun and purpose I learned from Pablo. I do this privately, in my meditations, in my public and personal writing, and in my plan to grow The Pablove Foundation from a grassroots movement to a national call-to-arms. Looking at each of these aspects of my life written on the screen, I'm thinking, 'Damn, this is a lot of stuff.' You might think that too. Sure, it is a lot of activity. Pablo had a lot of different irons in the fire, too: chemo, blood draws, transfusions, surgeries, Tempu-Dots being shoved into his mouth a few times a day. Plus, he had play dates, art classes, crazy days of wonder and magic with Polly, 'SpongeBob' episodes, telling stories, and, of course, being the greatest son we could have ever wished for. Comparatively, I've got it easy.

My pursuit of purpose and remaining in contact with my emotions are the two central pillars in my grieving journey. Keeping Pablo alive by keeping hope in front of me touches on both of these pillars. Putting my purpose in motion keeps the emotions moving. Moving the emotions allows me to continue pursuing my purpose. It just makes sense to me. I don't know how else to do it.

Of course, I haven't been doing this alone. The team at Dangerbird have been jamming for over two months to get the Pablove Across America show on the road. A bunch of other friends from Filter Marketing, Velo Pasadena and all the bike sponsors have been jamming as well. We leave for Florida next Wednesday. Wheels roll next Saturday. Insane.

Jo Ann, Grady and I would not be where we are without your help. If you are reading the Pablog, you are a member of our central community. You're already here. You've stayed for the second act. I am deeply grateful for that. So, if you're here, you won't mind me asking you for a little more help?

Here goes: we need you to check out the experience auctions on the Pablove Foundation eBay auction site. Check it out. Bid if you see something you dig. There are only two more days of bidding. Pass it on to friends who might want to bid on riding with Lance Armstrong in Austin, or hanging on set with 'Batman' director Christopher Nolan, or getting a song produced by Garbage/Nirvana producer Butch Vig.

If all this high-stakes bidding doesn't do it for you, I respectfully ask that you consider pledging per mile on the Pablove Across America widget in the column to your right. If you've already supported us, you can also grab that widget and post it on your Facebook page, Twitter, blog, or website, so your homies have the option to spill a little out for Pablove. We need all the help we can get in supporting our mission: to FIGHT CHILDHOOD CANCER WITH LOVE.

While I have your attention, let me remind you to keep an eye on The Pablove Foundation site, That's where we'll be documenting the Pablove Across America ride. We're gonna post three or four video blog entries per day. A morning ride dedication, a couple bits from the road and on hospital visits, and a dinnertime check in to wrap up the day. We want you to feel like you're out there with us as we roll across the U.S. with Pablo in our heart and minds and Pablove on our lips.

While we're in ride set up mode, we're putting up one vlog per day—something related to the planning, training and purpose of the ride. It's been fun to make the videos. A bit easier and faster than writing, and generally less heavy. For some reason when I'm in front of a camera, I want to f*** around. I like that.

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Tish said...

Dear Jeff, JoAnn and Grady,

We will share your ambition and the contagious passion of your foundation, as we sincerely remain with each of you. We believe, and have no doubt, that The Pablove Foundation will grow be a national "call-to-arms", inspired by one special little boy named Pablo.

You have our hearts and admiration.
Bob, Tish, Lauren, Paul and our angel Thomas