Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pablove + LA Dodgers = Think Cure

Remember a couple weeks ago when I went on the radiothon and telethon for the LA Dodgers ThinkCure cancer charity? I want share with you the Pablove video the Dodgers made for the telethon. This was shot a few days after we returned from our holiday in Europe. I'm not sure how I made it through the taping. Looking at it, I see myself as scared and shaken. On that day, it was hard for me to talk about Pablo. I love talking about my son any chance I get. Being away for a little over three weeks, it was hard to have this as my re-entry to the LA track of our narrative. I am grateful that the ThinkCure and Dodgers folks invited us to be part of their event. It's another iron in the Pablove fire. Another iron in the fight against cancer.

This was played while I was on Fox Sports Network. Can't remember if it ran as an intro to the Pablove segment, or in the middle. Either way, I can assure you it was an icebreaker for a guy who knows nothing about sports. Except cycling, which is still catching up to football as a sport in America.

No matter how little I know about sports, I am highly aware of how cool it is that our video is narrated by legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully.


Unknown said...

This is so wonderful, Jeff, Jo Ann and Grady. Thank you for continuing to share yourselves (and Pablo, of course) with all of us.

chad said...

amazing video

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful piece. You don't seem scared- just thoughtful. I love hearing about Pablo, love hearing you tell about him and love Vin Scully's voice. xox

Lisa said...

I am speechless. As I am sitting here after snuggling with my son I cannot stop the tears from flowing. Jeff, you are amazing. If ever you doubt that don't. That video was wonderful and you did not look scared nor shaken to me. You looked like a very proud father who loved his son unconditionally. You should be proud of yourself for getting such an important message out to the community. As I snuggled with my son tonight, I thought of you and Jo-Anne. sigh. I feel so much sadness for you when I think about Pablo. I cannot ever imagine not having my son, and I hug and kiss him as often as I can.
When I took him to school for his first day of Grade 2 last week, I held him and he didn't let go even when the bell rang. (i thought that it wouldn't be cool, hugging his mom for that long, but it was cool!) Children are a blessing and thank you so much for reminding me to take those extra minutes during our days to appreciate what we have. You are inspirations here on Earth to us all!
be well and keep strong,
Lisa :)

Sarah G said...

Hi Jeff, it's Sarah at ThinkCure. Thanks so much for being a part of ThinkCure weekend. We all remember Pablo's adorable smile from the game last year, and appreciate you coming back to keep sharing his and your story even when it's hard. We'll be rooting for you (and spreading the word) during Pablove across America.