Monday, September 21, 2009

Cynthia + Her Phoenix Visit Pablo

Sometimes, an email from a friend hits us right in the heart. This is one of those emails—from Sarah Nakane-McKee, the mother of Pablo's friend Cynthia. They went up to Pablo's grave a few days ago an hung out. While they were there, they had some fun. Just the thing to do at the grave of our little boy. If his physical self were still here, he'd have been wildly playing with Cynthia.

In the note, Sarah references the super-cool book Cynthia made for Pablo. Each page of the book is a photograph of the two paper people figures you see in these shots—Cynthia and Rachel—plus other characters. The photos and the book's narration: all done by Cynthia. Incredible stuff.

Here's the email and pics—captions by Cynthia:

Hi Jeff,

Cynthia and I went to visit Pablo's grave today. We found a beautiful phoenix bird right after the last time we were there when Cynthia wanted Pablo to be a phoenix. It was so peaceful there. We laid out a picnic blanket and had a snack. We brought the phoenix up there along with Cynthia's paper dolls from her story book of 'Pablove.' There is a second story coming from the adventure today and here are some of the pics from it...

love to you all, xxoo, Sarah & Cynthia

One of many flights off the wall

Cynthia asked that you pretend her fingers aren't there and just see the phoenix flying

Cynthia, Rachel, and the phoenix went to check out the doves and butterfly next door

A lizard came to check out the phoenix on the Geronimo jumping wall


Haley said...

How wonderful of Cynthia! The phoenix is very fitting as well (and I saw no finger!) Children will forever amaze me...

Angela said...

how splendid!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these up on your website. love you all. xxoo, Sarah

Unknown said...

I love these so much.