Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 22: Dooley Ranch to Del Rio, Texas + Livestrong HQ Interview


Heather said...

Hated that today was a sad day for you.I imagined it would be.Loved seeing Pablo in his Robot costume, as costumes will always,always remind me of him.A year ago today,Zoey began her first round of chemo...hope pumped into her body in it's most unnatural state.I continue to watch nightly and send peace and love to you on this journey.

Anonymous said...

we are all hanging tight with you along the way.........

love, lauren, chris, milo and desi

Mari said...

Jeff and Jo Ann, you both inspire me even more after watching all the videos and reading the blog.
I am so very sorry for your loss but Pablo knows how much he is loved and that will never change. You love for him goes beyond his existence on Earth. You are keeping his memory alive and helping other kids like him. I know this is not enough to understand the "why's" but it has given you strength to keep moving on and that's what's important.
I am a cancer survivor and I help others every year with a 2 days walk. I always support cancer causes and I am a believer that one day we will find a cure for this disease. Faith and perseverance is the key to keep the hope going. We can't save all but we can help so many.
My gratitude for the wonderful work you all put into it and it makes much more especial because it has so much love that I wish many kids in the world would experience the love you all have for Pablo. I'm "have" because you always will.
Good luck Jeff on the reaming of this journey and I know God has better days reserved for you both with much more love.
Pace, love and happiness.