Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video Blogs!

Hey Everybody!

Greetings from Gainesville! We wanted to share with you the Video Blogs we've done up to this point (the last three days worth), presented here in chronological order. From here out, we'll upload each video as they go up, so it'll be one vlog per post.

- Mike


Heather said...

Watched all nine of these and it made me want so badly to be right there,along the roadside,cheering you on.Instead we are here in L.A.,cheering you on and with each turn of those pedals,we send you forward on this remarkable journey with great love.Miss Zoey sends you big love as she is one of those warriors that you are changing the world for.

Next week I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon in S.F..Proceeds benefit the Leukemia /Lymphoma Society,Zoey's personal beast. But with each step I take, I will take all the 4th floor warriors with me.Mr.P and that radiant,contagious smile will be with me propelling me forward to the finish line..Love to you Jeff.Always.

jhaygood said...

damn i love all these vids, jeff. i love the idea of riding west, not in circles - someday i'll do that... great stuff. pablove!

Nancy said...

Thank you Jeff for taking us along with you! Get on that bike and ride for Pablo and all the children who deserve to be free of cancer. When you got on your bike, I could almost see Pablo on his connect bike behind you. Peace go with you all.

Nature Spirit said...

Sending lots of positive energy your way. Stay safe! We are riding along with you in spirit. Ride on with Pablo's love and light as your companion on this journey. Thank you Jeff with all our heart for doing this for our children.
Michaela, mom to Mickenzie
Linda, grandma to Mickenzie