Monday, October 5, 2009

Pablove + Loveline = Pabloveline

Tomorrow night I will be the guest on the radio show 'Loveline.' Yes, that 'Loveline.' And, no, I won't be there to talk about misadventures of any kind. You knew that. I'll arrive at Dr Drew's studio to talk about Pablo, The Pablove Foundation, Pablove Across America, and aspects of kids' cancer. I'll also talk about you, our community, and how together we have made an impact on the world. And how together we're gonna fly the flag of Pablove Across America from one coast to the other.

Silversun Pickups singer Brian Aubert will call in from the east coast to join me on the show. He lost his mom to cancer when he was a teenager. He lost his little friend Pablo a few months ago. Brian knows the ropes in the cancer game. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with him. I can feel my blood starting to pump.

I'm looking forward to carrying our message of experience, strength—and, very much, hope. And to talking a LOT about Pablo!

'Loveline' is on 60 stations across the U.S. If you don't live in one of those cities, or, if, like us, you don't have a radio in your house, tune in online.


Jules said...

That is truly amazing - you will reach a huge audience tomorrow!

Jen Berry said...

looking forward to it. best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hi. Best wishes on the PABLOVE ride. What time is the radio show on Tuesday (I am on east coast)?
Love & Light!