Monday, October 12, 2009

Pablove Across America - Day Three!

Hey everyone!

Here are the video updates from Day Three! Three down, twenty-seven to go...

- Mike

ps. Jeff is taking over filming duties until Saturday - don't worry if the videos aren't posted as frequently... we never know how the internet's gonna be when we roll into each city.


Heather said...

Our prayers are with Sicily and her family.Your presence in their lives during this time,I am certain,brings to them peace and empowerment.

Today,I come boldly and possibly intrusively,here,with my own plea with prayers for one of our fellow 4th floor warriors.Kai,a beautiful 3 year old CHLA patient is possibly facing relapse ... again.He has fought this beast for more then half of his little life.He has gone through BMT and fought his way out of there and tomorrow, they too will meet with the amazing Dr. M and discuss "option".I hate that they have to discuss anything at all.I am pissed and angry and trying so hard to flip that to positive energy for his dad Wes and mom Rachel.

Thanks for letting me sharing here in P's sacred space.Love to you.

Jason B said...

Thank you for this update Jeff. My wife and I are praying for little Sicily.

Nancy said...

I have bookmarked Sicily's site. It is so heartbreaking that each day another child is diagnosed for the first time or relapsed. God Bless you Jeff, Joann and Grady for giving so much of yourselves to everyone.
Ride on!

Diane said...

Oh Jeff! Their family is definitely in our prayers... as are all of the families who are facing this. My prayers are with you on your journey as well. You are doing a great and wonderful work!