Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 7 videos!


Heather said...

Here in SF for the marathon and thanks to Josh@DB,we all have our Pablove t-shirts and will be wearing them with pride tomorrow!Jess and I will keep Pablo close to our hearts as we run tomorrow and never doubt,for one minute,that your message is not being heard.It comes through loud and clear and FILLED with love and light always.

CJD said...

What a FANTASTIC journey for a cause!! I just discovered it through an article in the New Orleans newspaper online ( I manage a small B&B in St. Francisville - the historic MS River town where you will be Tues. I wanted to donate lodging, yet I'm sure you made arrangements long before now. Well, give us a call or stop by if you can - is our website.
Buenos suerte, Jeff y Rick!

Anonymous said...

I was in the Silver Lake area for business driving down Sunset over to Hyperion and saw the Pablove building! Very nice surprise. Thanks for the updates and hoping to see you coming up from LaJolla soon. Be well.

Scott in Rancho Cucamonga