Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 8 video - dedicated to Pablo

Tonight's dedication, from the city of New Orleans, is to Pablo.


Stephanie said...

Jeff, what a great video. I remember when you posted those picture of Pablo, I love them too!
You're doing so great, God Bless, ride safe!

Jane Kennet said...

Just a short note to say I am following you and supporting you and the team throughout your journey. Pablove is here in London.

May the winds stay behind you and the love with you all the way to Forest Lawn and beyond.

'Chapeau' team, feel the love. xxx Jane & Beanz (woof), London, UK

Heather said...

Missed last nights post as we were heading back from SF.Can't wait to send Jo Ann the picture of myself and Jessica's"cheer crowd" wearing Pablove proud.As for this dedication,made me miss your boy right along with you.Enjoy your time with that beautiful wife of yours.Continuing prayers from us all here in Camarillo.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful dedication Jeff! Your words move me beyond what I can explain. I played in the falling leaves with my three kids this weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. We felt the warm wind on our face and loved to listen to the cruching of the leaves beneath our feet. Thank you again for honesty, your words and your dedication to Pablo, we know that he is surrounding you always!
Get some rest...and be well!
Lisa :)

Nancy said...

Still following the journey and appreciate all the videos. What you are doing to bring this to the front of many minds is wonderful. Keep up the good ride and be safe.

Viva Vivian said...

Pablo and I only encountered each other at FRED62 but he popped into my dream last night! We were running down a long street with many big speed bumps. At each speed bump we would give the biggest geronimo jumps possible. When we were taking a rest he told me he was going to be a fisherman who only caught catfish. Then it was time for dinner. It was a sweet of him to come keep me company for a bit.