Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 23


Gary and Edith said...

Kalleen Whitford emailed me a few days ago advising that you planned a stop over in my little town of Marfa. She asked that we drop by and say hi.
We actually passed you guys on the highway near Comstock, TX this morning as we were driving into Del Rio. We thought we would see you on the road somewhere later in the day as we headed home, however we never ran across you. If there's anything you think we might be able to help you out with during your stay in Marfa, give us a call at 729-3133.
Gary and Edith DeCocq

Heather said...

Jeff,Jeff,Jeff ... ALWAYS interesting my friend.I don't miss a post.Ever.But sometimes I feel as if my words fall so absolutely short of what you and Jo Ann or Grady or at times certainly Polly, have needed.Because in the end they are just that,words.They have however,been genuine and filled always, with great,great love.I said it so far back and I'll say it again,I am here,my family is here, for the long haul.I love Pablo and his life touched me and continues to touch me, in ways that my often rambling words,could never,ever convey.

Thank you for your shout out for Miss Zoey.Thank you guys for today.For riding for her and for all these kids that are indeed kicking butt,in ways that leave us adults,standing in awe of their remarkable strength and inspiring courage.