Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 24: Marfa, Texas


Heather said...

Can I come to Marfa too??Would LOVE to drop out.Although my families size might put Marfa over the top!!

Small world,no coincidence kind of thing.Received a facebook message from a very cool mom who tirelessly brings awareness to childhood cancer and the wreckage it leaves behind.I used this incredible video she did for Childhood Cancer Awareness month.Anyway, she sends me a message that says,hey I watched Jeff's dedication yesterday and it was for Zoey and I realized it's YOUR Zoey"And I said "Hey he mentioned Julian and riding with Julians dad and that's YOUR Julian!"

Small world.We are all connected.No coincidences.

Corina Lang said...

Pablo beat the cancer, it didn't beat him ;) Angels always win.

Jackson said...

Keep riding Jeff, your strength is amazing. So glad you and Ken hooked up. Their another great group of people.

Peace and Love
Jacksons mommy