Sunday, November 8, 2009

Larchmont bake sale for Pablove

This morning, starting at 10am, Mason Maxam & Lilly Roth-Shapiro will be hosting a lemonade/bakesale fundraiser in memory of their pre-school pal, Pablo. Join them on Larchmont Boulevard (across the street from Blockbuster — south of Beverly Boulevard) for some delicious lemonade and homemade baked treats! You can view the evite here.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful success we had today at Lilly & Mason's Lemonade/Bake Sale for The Pablove Foundation! We are thrilled and so very grateful to be able to announce that we collected nearly $1200 (!!!) in donations at today's event! The degree of love and support demonstrated today, with so many people coming out in support of these two girls - and the memory of their friend Pablo - was nothing short of remarkable. Thank you so, so much to everyone who came. The girls had a great time seeing their freinds, talking about Pablove, and handing out the homemade treats. And to top it all off, we are now able to make a tremendous contribution to The Pablove Foundation and its mission of spreading awareness about childhood cancers. Thank you , thank you.
Much love, Lilly, Mason, Greg & Abby

Lee Rose Emery said...

Averill, Hayden and I went to this amazing bake sale and it seemed to be packed all morning. I took some photos and wrote about it here:
As I wrote in the post, after we left the lemonade stand and went down to the bank in the parking lot we came across a random piece of tin foil, silver and sparkling in the shape of a heart. "Look, Mom, Hayden said, a heart for Pablo!" Coincidence?