Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Know, This Is A Bit Like Being On Vacation....

OK, not really.... Just thought I'd throw that up to see how it sounded.

Mommy's gone home. Pablo and I walked her to the front door of the hospital a short time ago. On the way, the three of us stopped to look at the giant Christmas tree in the front garden of CHLA. It's lit up in white lights and covered with ornaments. Pablo's entire being lit up when he saw it, and, in turn, so did mine and Jo Ann's. Such a simple thing can make a kid happy, especially when he's been confined to a 20 x 12 foot room all day.

P and I are now in our PJs, and the previews on the 'Harry Potter' DVD are winding away. By the time the actual movie starts, my laptop will be stowed away, and we'll be snuggling in bed. While I type this note to you, Pablo is laying on his back, swinging the yellow nurses' flashlight from one side of our darkened room to the other. He's been loving him some flashlight lately. I want to pick up a book that can show us how to make hand shadow shapes with a flashlight. If you know of one, please pass along a recommendation.

The main attraction is about to start, so I will wish you and yours a good night.

We're realllllly hoping to be outta here in the morning. It's all dependant on the white blood count. More in the morn.

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