Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Booty: Gold From Jean Lafitte + Mommy's Ginger Cookie Treat

When you're five, a delivery from the mail man is a big deal. When the package is weighty and its contents, when shaken, play the sweet tune of hoisted gold coins, a kinder-meltdown cold occur. Pablo received such a package yesterday—sent from early 19th century New Orleans pirate Jean Lafitte (yes, that's him below). Not sure how Monsieur Lafitte pulled off the 182 year mail delay (he passed away in 1826), but on this side of the industrial revolution, his grand gesture brought a giant smile to our little boy's face. We heard the clanging of the coins well into the evening. When P went to bed, I dug a few out of the sofa cushions.

Our day has been governed by Pablo's need for low-key, low-impact activity. When he woke this morning, he ate an orange cream frozen yogurt stick and some banana chips. His nose would not stop running—and didn't until early afternoon. He went through an entire box of tissue while watching his morning 'Scooby Doo' episodes. The half-life of a tissue around a runny-nosed Pablo is about 120 seconds! Good news for the Kimberly-Clark corporation, bad news for our bank account and the environment.... When he wasn't looking, I put the unused tissues back in the box.

P and I played two high-intensity rounds of Sorry!—and I lost both. The dude is ruthless from the jump.... We have a lot of fun playing card and board games. Pablo's game face is sinister and cute, and I can't get enough of it. I truly enjoy seeing him strategize, scheme and strike. It's a glimpse into his future personality, I think.

This afternoon, I went up to Angeles Crest and rode. Not a great ride. It was cold and foggy here at 350 feet. Last year, I foolishly rode up AC with summer clothes on a cool day. On the ascent, the sun went behind some clouds and the temp dropped. A lot. On the descent, I felt like my hands were going to fall off. When I got up there today (2,000 feet+), I was above the fog, and it was hot and sunny. The problem? I was wearing insulated knickers and an insulated long-sleeve jersey. And winter gloves. Ugh! It was unpleasant. Like sitting at a baseball game in August wearing a snow suit and
moon boots. On the positive side, it was gorgeous up there today. Clear and peaceful.

When I got home, Jo Ann took her turn to go out into the world. She got a
mani-/pedi- and stopped at Intelly for coffee and a ginger cookie treat for the little Wookie—a different kind of treasure. Right now, I'm running out the door to pick up our Sunday dinner at Malo. Pablo's order: cheese enchiladas—and a spicy mint from the big glass candy bowl on the hostess' desk. To be honest, I think he'd be happy if I picked up only the mint. He loves those things.

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