Friday, November 28, 2008

Around Midnight

Just before midnight, we wheeled Pablo's bed from the ER up to a private room in 4 West. It's the room at the end of the hall—the one we had during the great surgery series in August. I like this room. It's quiet at this remote end of the hallway. The reason we have a private is cos P's had a runny nose for the past two weeks. It's cool to have our own room, but there is a downside: P will have to wear a mask and a yellow gown to enter the play room. He won't like that. But we'll make the best of it.

Jo Ann is still not 100%. But she wanted to stay with us until we got int our room. She was in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday and spent the first half of today cooking. Thankfully, she spent a couple hours this afternoon relaxing with a book while the rest of played Dread Pirate (for the record, I won). Not long after that is when Pablo started heating up.

I am going to snuggle up in the incredibly luxurious reclining 180 degree super flat blue chair bed simulator, and attempt to simulate sleep.

Thank you for staying up late with us.


Anonymous said...

Hope u both get some sleep. Hang tough Pabby.
f xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love from London Pablo! Stay strong.