Sunday, November 30, 2008

King Cake + Platelets

King Cake and platelets
This is how we kicked off our morning: a pint of platelets, and a huge hunk of New Orleans King Cake

To get things started, our nurse, Jeff Beck, brought in a pint of platelets. He hooked it up to Pablo's port line, and the golden goodness started pumping into him seconds later. The platelets Pablo's receiving today were donated Friday by Chris Reed, Desi and Milo's papa. He also moonlights as Lauren Katz's husband. We love the entire Reed/Katz clan, which is good cos Pablo might start to resemble Chris once those platelets merge in with his cells.

While all the high tech medistuff was going into the port in Pablo's chest, we decided to import some material through his mouth. That's where the King Cake came in. Man, that stuff was delicious! If you have never had King Cake in mouth, then you are cheating your mouth out of extreme delight. Trust me. I never had the sugary, cinnamony, chewy sensation until I was 28. That means there were 27 boring, culinarily simplistic years prior to my first dance with the King. 

Pablo and I just got off the blower with room service. He ordered a Belgian waffle, eggs, fruit and OJ. I got oatmeal, egg whites, Lucky Charms with soy milk and some whole wheat toast. And I thought Thanksgiving ended four days ago. 

We thought we'd be bustin outta here today. Not the case. P's white blood count is still zero. All of his other blood numbers are on the rise, so we are expecting better luck tomorrow.

Room service brekkie is here. Gotta run.

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