Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning From CHLA

Night number one of chemo went very well. Pablo slept through the night. Actually, he woke every two hours to pee, but he has become an expert in peeing in the hand-held plastic urinal - without waking up.

In the pic above, you can see Jo Ann's detailed log of each medicine that entered Pablo's body, from 5 p.m. Monday until 6:30 a.m.

On my way into CHLA this morning, I picked up a full Billion Dollar pancake breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon from Jimmy at Fred 62. Jimmy has continued to be an incredibly solid member of our family team. When I got to F62, Grady was sprawled out on a chair in Jimmy's office. He's sick. Poor kid - even with his brother holed up in a chemo den a few blocks away, it still hurts to see Grady hurting from a cold.

When I got here, Pablo was in full Johnny Carson 'on' mode. He'd just bought a Tasmanian Devil doll in le gift shoppe, and excitedly shoved it in my face to show me his new friend.

Then Jo Ann told me the good news: P had pooed when he woke up. She described it as being 'this long,' placing her hands in the air like a fisherman telling a tale of the one that got away. As much as I'm always game for potty humor, this was a serious conversation between two consenting adults. As long as Pablo's laying logs, we know his intestines and bowel are in good working order.

And that's all I've got for now. Will check in later.

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Angela MKE said...

Hi Jeff.

It's Angela from MKE...like 10-12 years ago Ray n' Dots on Thanksgiving Eve Angela. Yup. Me.

By some odd cosmic force, I stumbled across this blog today & have spent about 6plus hours reading it from beginning to end and as a fellow parent, sobbed pretty much the whole way through.
There are no words.

You just recruited one more soldier in your army of positive vibes, rays of hope & love for that sweet brave baby boy of yours.

Chin up to you, Jo Ann & Grady. I hope Pablo can feel the "get better" vibes from MKE as they are strong. Donation is in the mail tomorrow.