Friday, November 28, 2008

Goodnight From Sunset+Hollywood

Pablo just challenged me to a game of Dread Pirate. He won by one point. I wanted him to win, and I'm glad he did. I forgot my pajama bottoms and had to get some CHLA issue jammies. They are one-size-fits-all, like the kind you get at Korean spas. Pablo took one look at them and fell over laughing, slapping his forehead on the way down.

We didn't have a bedtime book to read, so I told him a story about a little boy called Frankie who built a snow fort with his friends. One night, when the kids were piled in the fort, huddled around a candle telling stories, a baby black bear named Blackie came in and wanted to join them. Frankie started talking to the bear, and the bear spoke back. While they chatted, all of Frankie's friends blasted through the walls of the fort and ran home like madmen.

Look, it made Pablo laugh, and got him to sleep!

OK, time to watch 'The Untouchables.'

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