Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Morning From CHLA

Pablo's fever is gone. Blood is on the way up for his transfusion. He had a good night's sleep. And he is perusing the play room's video catalog. Jo Ann just arrived with King Cake. We have our hospital routine down, so this stay will be easy. We are expecting to be out 24 or 48 hours from the time his fever broke last night.

Right now, I gotta run. Jo Ann parked in the underground parking lot, and there's a 15 minute FREE window, which I can hit if I hustle. Just think of what we can do with that $10?

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Lynn & Steve Meyer said...

Hi Jeff and Family:

I have been following your blog about Pablo for the last couple of months.
I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your writings and the updates on Pablo. I think you and your family and friends are amazing people. You are handling this difficult situation incredibly well. The love and warmth from your family really flows through your words and it is really inspiring to read each update. The pictures you post really bring to life the story of Pablo’s experiences. Your family’s strength is admirable. I love your sense of humor and your references to the music world. I think about and pray for your family often.

I first came to find out about Pablo through Donald Castelaz, who is my husband’s second cousin, I believe. My husband is Steve Meyer (I doubt the two of you have ever met). His mother, Mary Meyer (Ravanelli/Fascinelli) is Donald’s cousin. I guess that would make Steve and you second cousins?

I remember meeting your grandmother, Gunda and your grandfather, a couple of times. Gunda was Mary’s mother’s sister.

Anyway, Donald first mentioned you to us when our son, Paul, was getting ready to graduate from Berklee College of Music and move to the Los Angeles area. Paul’s been in L.A. since mid-September, and is currently doing an unpaid internship at Westlake Studios and also working a Circuit City. Hopefully that will change as he continues to look daily for other opportunities that might actually pay money.

Steve and I hope you have a wonderful holiday and we pray for strength for little Pablo as he continues his treatments. We both look forward to each new entry into your blog so we may continue to be up dated on Pablo’s progress.

From Hartland, Wisconsin,

Lynn and Steve Meyer