Monday, September 15, 2008

Up And Atom: Radiation, Day 1

We are up and atom for radiation treatment #1 of 11. Jo Ann is on her feet, out of the shower, teeth brushed. Pablo is still sleeping. Well, actually, he got up, went potty, and jumped back in bed. Jo Ann is calling his name to wake him. His eyes are tightly shut, and he is smiling slyly. We call this Pablo's 'Pirate Booty' mode (long story, I will explain later).

I am somewhere in between these two goons: still laying in bed, with a laptop in my, uh, lap.

Last night, Jo Ann explained to Pablo that we were going back to CHLA, to the lab where we were on Friday. She told him he would get the sleeping medicine, and that they were going to put light rays into the spots of his tummy where the bumps used to be. He listened intently, and shook his head affirmatively, and continued eating his dinner.

Then, while Pablo was showering last night, Jo Ann explained that his port would be accessed today, and that it would remain accessed until Friday. He knows what that means—he can't shower or go in the bathtub all week. I forgot exactly what P said, but like the radiation talk, he was fine with it.

Awwwwright, Mommy is now hollerin' at me to jump in the shower. Duty calls.

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Dawn: said...

Hope all goes well today.