Friday, September 12, 2008


28 Days. Can you believe it? An entire MONTH up in this joint! And now, we are minutes away from busting outta here! The nurses just de-accessed his port. The bags are packed. Pablo's street clothes are at the ready. We're ready for the freedom run.

This morning, we went down to the radiation oncology lab. They knocked Pablo out, and dropped him in the body mold and ran a radiation-free test on him. The goal was to verify the laser alignment. We are happy to report that everything went perfectly well.

Jo Ann and I spent about 30 minutes with Dr Wong, the radiation oncologist. He reviewed every detail of every aspect of the treatment. I have some photos of the mold, the radiation machine, and some CT scans that Dr Wong gave me.

Will post all that later.

We have somewhere to go right now!

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