Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shirley Manson To Announce Pablove/Filter/Urban Outfitters CD Compilation Monday Morning On KROQ/LA!

Someone sent Pablo a Whoopee cushion last week. As it sits dormant on the window sill of his hotelspital room, it has as much potential to let one rip as our little 16kg boy does. So far today, no farts. His belly is distended and he is in pain. The blisters on his tummy and back are healing, and have to be slathered with medicated creme to fend off infection. He has bed sores from laying on his back for three weeks (tomorrow is day 21). Pablo is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

He's also tired of being asked if he has to poop. So, we've made an effort to stop asking. Jo Ann brought up a good point: if he has to go, we'll know it.

Grady and Patricia were with P all day. Jo Ann and I had the new parents' day at Grady's school—we spent the day attending truncated versions of his classes, and listened to each of his teachers describe their class syllabus and general education philosophy. Back at CHLA, G and P played and snuggled and smiled all day—'cept the moments P was wincing in pain. Patricia hung with them and kept the nurses on their toes and gave P foot massages, and applied warm compresses to his belly.

Pablo's best friend Harry and his mom Kristal came by this morning—his first visit from a friend on this tour of CHLA. Jo Ann said the boys had a good time, but that Pablo was quiet. She said Harry seemed to be OK seeing his buddy in bed with no hair and tubes coming out from under his gown. It's so hard to know what to expect—do we try and maintain normalcy by having a friend pop by once in a while? What if Pablo doesn't feel like interacting (like so many days lately)? What if his friend has a hard time seeing Pablo, a wild, kinetic dude, laying in bed, so subdued? Jo Ann had a lot of feelings seeing Harry and Kristal, as you can imagine. Harry started kindergarten at Waldorf on Thursday. We have always imagined the two of them starting together. It's not a surprise we're not starting school, but it's also not shocking that we're deeply, deeply sad about it. All that said, today was a good test. On the whole, it was fine. And no matter P's energy level, he certainly enjoyed hanging with his pal Harry.

Dr Mascarenhas will check on Pablo tomorrow. He is looking to start the new regimen of chemo this week. Tuesday, we'll start the process in radiation oncology, beginning with the body mold and other tests. The actual radiation treatments will begin next Monday. More details on all that as we get them.

Oh, one FUN and IMPORTANT thing before I sign off.

Our dear friend Shirley Manson from Garbage will be on KROQ's morning show 'Kevin and Bean' tomorrow around 9:30 a.m. She is now one of the stars on the show 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and will surely be talking about this amazing new aspect of her artistic career that while cracking up with K and B. She is also going to talk about a cool Pablove Foundation music compilation we put together with our friends at Filter Marketing and Urban Outfitters. Garbage went into the studio and recorded a song for their homie Pablo, and it's the lead track on the comp. Other artists who've donated exclusive tracks: Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Bloc Party, and all the Dangerbird bands, including Silversun Pickups, Eulogies, Sea Wolf, The One AM Radio, La Rocca—everyone on the label.

I will definitely do a post soon with the full details on this. The point is: if you are in LA (or know how to tune into the radio online), check out Shirley tomorrow morning!

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