Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In The ER

We are in the ER at CHLA. Pablo's got abdominal pain that won't leave him alone.
We're in a nice, quiet exam room, watching 'Enchanted.' The docs came in to see him, and are now calling Dr Mascarenhas and his on-duty Fellow. Our pediatrician from 4 West, Dr Daniel Bruckner, ran down to see us when he saw P's name show up on the computer. He is the best. I explained to P after Dr B left that what he did by coming down to see Pablo was an act of love. It was also a huge help to me, because when he walked in, I was in the middle of explaining P's entirrrrrrrre medical history. Dr B was able to pull the ER doc outside and fill her in on everything. At this point, reciting P's med history is like reciting the Old Testament!

My friend John Millhauser is back in town from Chicago and just joined us in our room. We're gonna catch up with him.

Will keep you informed.

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