Friday, September 12, 2008

New PABLOg Look, New Phase Of Treatment

It was time for a new look—something to signify that the tumors are out of Pablo's body, and we are now on to the next step: eradicating any microscopic cancer cells that might still be lurking around. Jo Ann chose the new front page picture, saying it's the best picture of Pablo in months. Within minutes of getting our email, Hrishi redesigned the PABLOg logo, and changed the background color.

As I write this, Pablo is sitting next to me—AT HOME! When we walked in the door, Pablo got down on his knees and hugged both Chili and Beans. Then he descended the stairs—something he normally does dozens of times a day—and ran to his room to get DRESSED! Can you imagine you EXCITING that is for him, after 28 days in hospital gowns?

Right now,
Pablo is watching a DVD on his laptop. Mommy and Nana are making lunch for us. Arianna has a crew of workers toiling in the play room. From the chilled out position where P and I are sitting, we can see our beautiful, tree-filled back yard, and the overcast LA sky. Beans is on the back deck, staring at us through the window. This is great. I am SO GRATEFUL to be home with our little boy. This is where he belongs:


MKPatrick said...

Welcome Home!!!
The Patrix

Jackson said...

Thats the most AWESOME news all week!!! Thanks for the update. Glad you'll all home, must be such a relief.
Cheri and Jackson

Anonymous said...

DUDE! welcome home Lito!
i think you're a true champion.

Unknown said...

There is NO place like home!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how HAPPY Chili and Beans are!!!!
The Drennans

Unknown said...

Also wanted to say that the new look of Pablog is perfect - bright, and positively happy! "The dark days are gone and the bright days are here!" Here's to sleeping in your OWN bed!!