Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 22 in CHLA

I just asked my mom if it's possible that we have been in here for 22 days... which means that she's been away from her home with us for 24 days. It is, in fact, true. We started here 22 days ago with Dr. Stein removing the big bump on the right kidney. As everyone knows, there has been quite a lot of activity since then and here we are!

Pablo POOPED today! This is great news. He has lost a lot of weight since he hasn't eaten in 3 weeks and now we start our new chemo regimen. It has me nervous that he's so frail and we're about to blast him with heavy duty chemo and radiation, but seriously, what are our choices? We want the cancer to go away forever. Never to return. And we know that this is the way to do that! So, WE ARE IN!

Dr. M came by this evening and examined Pablo. I asked him a bunch of questions for the umpteenth time and he patiently answered every one by saying, "As I told you..." in the most kind way.

We did learn some new things tonight about home care, daily shots for low blood counts, anti-nausea meds and appetite stimulants. We are swimming in information and are at the point where we need to figure it out and get it sorted. We are scheduled to start the new chemo plan on Wednesday. It is in-patient and we hope to go home on Friday.

That's it from 429-B this evening. Oh, wait! Pablo has requested a slumber party with Nana and me - so we're both here for the night tonight.

Jo Ann

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