Friday, October 10, 2008

We Are Goth Ready

Halloween is coming, and Pablo has noticed that a lot of houses are 'getting ready for Halloween.' Yesterday afternoon, he and Jo Ann put on masks (to protect P's lungs, not to scare) and drove the 'hood to observe the ghosts 'n goblins adorning our neighbors' lawns. Pablo got to sit in the front seat, which was a treat in itself.

To keep the spirit flowing, last night, while Jo Ann and I were out at a breaking-of-the-fast dinner, Polly guided Grady and Pablo in a spooktastic front yard decoration party. Now our crib is all Gothed up. I was scared to walk in the front door when we got home.
This weekend, I might wire up a sound system in the shrubs...and put Bauhaus 'Swing The Heartache' on repeat. That'd really punch up the scene.

Wait—you're tellin' me the webs in our trees aren't REAL?

Pablo in his white Creepers—inspired by his big bro

Frightmaster P


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT when Pabs wears that hat!! :-)


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Anonymous said...

Pablo, Grady, Jo Ann, and Jeff,

My name is Carrie and my daughter, Emma, also has Wilm’s (stage iv, unfavorable histology). I have just finished reading your blogs…yes, all of them since May…I was enthralled. So many of your feelings, experiences, frustrations mirror my own, yet you express them so much better than I ever could. Emma is also 5 years old and is missing out on starting kindergarten as expected…this has been very difficult for me and reading that you felt the same meant a lot to me. Our children are maturing as they normally would except they have this unexpected background for their development…definitely a different experience than we ever wanted for them. However, I like to think that through this difficult time, Emma is learning some positive lessons also (as am I). The good news here is that Emma just finished her 9th round of chemo and only has one more left. She is doing wonderfully. I know that Pablo will be done sooner than you think and he will be be back to his old self in no time. I’m sorry…this must be the longest comment ever! lol But know that you inspired it! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Carrie