Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lazy, Hazy Tuesday

A quick check in.... Pablo is having a low-key day today. He is tired and zoning out in bed, watching cartoons. He was up a lot in the night, peeing every two hours and puking a couple times. The chemo that he gets on these in-patient days is very intense (far more so than what he got the first 12 weeks). P has to pee (haha) every two hours, even during sleeping hours. This means a nurse or one of us has to wake him during the night, put the portable urinal in position, and then dive back into the ultra comfy parent couch/bed apparatus under the window. Half the time, Pablo does his part without waking—he's gotten very good at it. It's a trip to watch all this go down, and watch him fall straight back asleep.

I will check in again later tonight. Gotta run....


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, but ask your oncologist about using vistaril with zofran concurrently to help with the nausea. It worked well for Payton. If I remember right, zofran can be given every 4 hours and vistaril every 6 hours.

Jackson said...

Hi BIG MAN, hope the nausea let up some. Give mom a big ol'hug from us in Va.
Cheri and Jackson