Friday, October 24, 2008

Blood And Platelets For Pablo!

We need O+ and O NEG blood and platelets! We need YOUR help to keep a fresh supply on hand for Pablo as he makes his way down the chemo highway. He has frequent blood and platelet transfusions at this point in his treatment, and your directed donation will ensure that the stuff being pumped into Pablo's body is from a loving and trusted friend.

CHLA's Blood Lab is a cool place, and they have great cookies. Our friend Raul, who runs the place, will make you feel at home. They have weekend hours.

An individual can donate blood every 56 days. Platelets can be donated much more frequently (like every seven days or something). Even if you are not O+, we ask that you donate—CHLA spends $1M a year buying blood from the Red Cross. Every pint donated at CHLA saves them money.

Francine McDougall will be commandeering this project—she will be scheduling donations so that we have a fresh supply at all times. Donations need to happen at intervals—if everyone donates in the same period, the blood will expire and go to other patients.

please email Francine your questions and/or commitments:

Thank you in advance for emailing Francine (not me and Jo Ann) about this!

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