Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clean Kidney + We Are Home

We didn't expect to be home this evening. But I am PLEASED as hell to tell you that I'm writing this from our TV room. Pablo is sitting next to me - he's got five days of 'Max and Ruby' to catch up on, and that's precisely what he's doing!

Dr Mascarenhas emailed Jo Ann and I regarding the MRI. Pablo's kidney is CLEAN!

We've been home an hour and P has already eaten a frozen yogurt, a small pack of trail mix, half of a giant chocolate chip pancake...and he just asked for ANOTHER fro yo. This is fantastic. There have been more than a few days over the past few weeks where we have to beg him to eat. His appetite has vanished. So, you can see that a request for food is one that's met immediately.

This evening, Dr Mascarenhas instructed us to take Pablo home and fatten him up over the next week. Of course, we are hoping all this food will stay down. That's the tricky part.

I wish you could all see Pablo laying on the sofa, snuggled up under his fave blue blanket, catching up on his world of Tivo'd toons.

Most of all, I'm glad we're starting the week with good news. We'll get a good night's sleep tonight for sure.

And we wish you the same.


Lizard Eater said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

NED -- No Evidence of Disease. Our fave three letters in the world.

Unknown said...

I was in the mission church today in San Luis Obispo and said a prayer for Pablo. This evening I got around to hooking up my computer to the Wifi at my hotel and went to Pablog - WOW! what great news!! All of you should get a really really really really good night's sleep tonight!!

Love to all of you,

Jules said...

Hooray for Pablo!!

I love the top hat pic below!

Laurie and Steve said...

So glad to hear good news.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you guys!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Dawn: said...

Wonderful! I'm so grateful for your news.

Anonymous said...

Kick Ass!!!