Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pablo Is Crazy

Seriously. He is a wild man in the making. The dude had his Indiana Jones action figure riding two separate skateboards at the breakfast table this morning. This afternoon when I called home, I could hear him in the background, chasing our puppy, Beans, trying to get 'one more kiss' from her. He was laughing uncontrollably.

So, altho there is no magic pill that makes cancer go away, I will say that laughter is a good stand-in until scientists invent one.

Pablo had another good night of sleep last night. We don't know his blood counts, but we know he is eating at a nice clip, and that he is active and happy.

I will check in with more info later.


Anonymous said...

Pablo has great instincts -- puppy kisses make everything feel better.

Dawn: said...

So great to hear. I didn't realize Beans was stingy with her kisses. ;-)