Monday, October 6, 2008

Freedom Run Monday + Dean's Pablo Pix

I am on my way out the door, so this morning's post is going to be a quick show and tell, using pics that Dean snapped during his weekend stay. We miss him already. He helped get us through the five night stay, and now he's back in Milwaukee.

We are expecting to be discharged from CHLA around 9 a.m. Full details on our freedom run coming later tonight....

Pablo in the 4 West play room.

Grady and Pablo roughhousing in P's bed. I love that they're both wearing medical gloves. P plays with them constantly. What an easy customer.

All the toys in the world (or at least the ones you see on the table) are no competition for the good old styrofoam (polystyrene for you foreign folk) cup.

You'll never meet a kiddie who has more fun with a coupla pillows.

Uncle Dean with Haley the hospital dog. She looks a lot like his dog Jet.

At the end of a long afternoon of play, Pablo and Papa take a siesta.

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