Monday, October 10, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 3 Afternoon Dedication: Brock Bennett

Happy 6th Birthday to Brock Bennett! Brock was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor just past his 4th birthday in 2009 and we are happy to share that he now shows No Evidence of Disease!

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Heather said...

Haven't missed a dedication Jeff, just figured I'd save up a few days and not inundate you with comments.

That Owain ... what a kid. You could just feel that child's energy from my vantage of viewing that video.

And your video with Meghan's mom, amazing. Both of you. All of you. These brave and forgiving children. Simply amazing. And for me, when I go to CHLA for my blanket delivery, and I go into the rooms with the teenagers and the older kids, I have this thing that happens to my heart. not that I don't and didn't have the same thing, all those months on the floor with the little ones, but the older ones, they get it. They were plucked from their school halls and boyfriends and girlfriends arms and the whole thing, peer life of living. You can't explain things away and buy them things to divert their attention. Can't happen.They get it and we can't protect them.

Tonight the Needham's send you love and light as always.