Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 1 Afternoon Dedication: Hadlea Bernau

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Heather said...

Day one done and what a way to end it. Hadlea is darling and she represents why you do what you do on this ride and what Pablove is all about and why all of us strive, everyday, to make a difference.

Advancements in research and new clinical trials, is the only reason we have Zoey here today. I go and speak at fundraising and recruitment gatherings and the thing I speak about is the fact that 20-25 years ago children like Zoey, with Down syndrome, did not survive.Parents actually were faced with an agonizing decision to treat or not treat and the end result was the same, either way. Treating usually ended in death because the chemotherapy was so harsh on these childrens sensitive bodies that usually their hearts could not withstand the toll and not treating gave leukemia the upper hand and eventually the victory.

We can no longer allow any cancer to be victorious over our precious chidrens bodies. It is unacceptable. That smile on Hadlea's face is what we need, what we have to see, across the board.

Until tomorrow Jeff, cuz you know, Miss Z and I are some of your number one fans and won't miss a day.It's the least we can do, to cheer you on from afar.