Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 20 Evening Dedication: Zachary Greene

Zachary was born on April 3, 2001 and diagnosed with Wilms Tumor on April 12, 2005. On Thanksgiving Day 2005, Zak and his parents had their last conversation. His breathing was labored and he had to go on a ventilator. Before he went under they told him they loved him and that they were proud of him. His condition worsened. Three days later he passed away never regaining consciousness. He was a unique and brilliant child, perfect in every way says his dad Steve. His life revolved around his Mom, Scooby Doo, Hot Wheels, dinosaurs, trucks, trains, mud and beach sand. He is his dad's hero and easily the best person he has ever known. Zak is missed every second that is he gone.

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