Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 13 Evening Dedication: Alyssa "Lyssie" Righter

Lyssie was diagnosed with with anaplastic ependymoma in 2007 at 9 months old. She lost her fight on October 6: 4 years and 36 days after she was diagnosed. She had 4 brain surgeries and 3 major stomach surgeries due to gastrointestinal caused by steroids which also kept her on life support and in PICU for 7 weeks. She then spent months in the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Maine where she lived. Lyssie underwent radiation, chemo and countless procedures twice and recurred a third time Sept 3 2010. Lyssie was lovingly raised by her grandparents Cindy ("mom-mom") and Gary ("babe"). She was full of love and happiness up until just minutes before her last breath.

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