Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 18 Morning Dedication: Quinn O'Shea and Cannon McKee

Quinn is in treatment for Retinoblastoma at Seattle Children's. The tumor has gone into the lamina cribrosa which is a mesh-like structure that occupies the hole in the sclera where the optic nerve exits the eye. The good news is it didn't go into the optic nerve. Quinn loves to swim, loves animals and his favorite toy is his Seattle Sounders soccer ball. He is a wonderful, gentle kid with a great smile and loving 7 year old big sister Maggie. Cannon McKee was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor on August 24th and being treated at Cardinal Glennon. After the first surgery to remove a tumor, his kidney and his lymph nodes a small nodule in the lung was found. He will have surgery tomorrow to remove the nodule. Ever since Cannon found out about Pablove Across America he has been riding his bike every day. His biggest disappointment about going into surgery, "I'm going to miss my bike."

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