Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pablove Across America 2011 Day 12 Morning Dedication: Collin and Patrick Henry

Collin and Patrick are two brothers and BOTH were diagnosed with cancer in the past three years. Collin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on May 12, 2008. This past August he relapsed to his central nervous system and they are in the thick of chemotherapy right now; 44 of the next 52 weeks include scheduled visits to UNC where Collin is being treated. According to his mom Kathleen, "Collin is amazing...he has been fighting cancer more than half of his life, and even on his worst day he amazes her. He loves video games and swimming. Collin was scheduled to start school this year but they found out he relapsed just a few short weeks before school began and he had to start a new protocol which will likely keep him out of school this year." Collin's older brother Patrick (age 7) was diagnosed with stage II hepatoblastoma in October 2010. He underwent three months of chemotherapy and is currently NED! From his mom, "Patrick is amazing like his brother Collin. He loves video games and wants to be a soldier when he grows up just like his daddy. He didn't take having cancer too well emotionally and really doesnt like talking about it. He loves playing soccer, and is repeating the first grade since he missed so much school last year. But this year he is really thriving and falling into place amongst his peers...his family is so proud of all he has accomplished."

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