Saturday, July 5, 2008


Pablo grabbed my computer and took this pic of himself, with no prompting from anyone. Do you think he's happy to be outta here?

Hi everyone!


Around 11:55 a.m., Pablo called out 'Bombs away' and Jo Ann and her mom Patricia got him on the toilet faster than a tick on a hound dawg.

By late afternoon, Pablo was on his second walk around the sixth floor, and looking stronger and more sure-footed than ever. Polly, Pablo, Jo Ann and I were in the middle of a mean game of Uno when our nurse, Darcy, and the on-duty surgury fellow, Dr. Williams, rolled up on us. One of them said, 'OK, Pablo, you're ready to go home!'

We were headed back to our room in no time.

Darcy de-accessed Pablo's port. She is from Platteville, Wisconsin. I noticed her accent when she started this morning at 6 a.m. I wasn't in the head space at that hour to reminisce about the homeland. Jo Ann picked up the accent as well. While Darcy was removing all Pablo's lines and ports and tape and stuff, Darcy filled us in on her schooling in Appleton, WI. That's also known as the hometown of Harry Houdini. Darcy works with a traveling nurse service, and has gone all over the U.S. working at different hospitals, and we were lucky enough to meet her today.

Dr. Williams, the surgery fellow, pulled the string-thin Novocaine line out of the center of his belly. Imagine a single strand of angelhair pasta inserted through the tiniest hole in the center of his abs. Fascinating. He didn't feel a thing. She was skilled and compassionate–so much so that Pablo contemplated his naval–literally–the entire time she was removing the Novo-string.

The ladies have packed the room while I've been typing (I know, what a jerk I am!). Now it's my job to get our bags, pillows, paintings, photos, food, etc. down to the cars. Guess I better get to work!

Next post will be from home.

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