Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright, The Headaches Were Just A Little Weird

The long and short of the head thing is that Pablo is OK. The docs don't have a crystal ball, but they are not concerned that the headaches P has been experiencing are problematic. OK, let me say it plain: they do not think the headaches are a sign of tumors.

The reason is, there'd be symptoms other than the aching head itself, such as vomiting. Another sign is that Tylenol has been an effective pain reliever. (I was incorrect in the previous post–the med he took last night was plain liquid Tylenol, not the heavy duty pain medicina.)

As a precaution, Pablo will get an eye exam. He's been watching so much TV, the docs want to rule out a change in his vision as a cause of the headaches.

Bottom line is: there will be no head scans unless this escalates. And there's no reason to believe it will escalate.

PS: When P and I were watching 'Batman' in bed last night, Grady and Jo Ann were watching 'Run's House' co-starring everyone's favorite Buddhist, Russell Simmons.

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