Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Pablo wanted to contribute to this post. This is what he typed:


Pablo woke me up this morning saying, 'Ice cream for breakfast! Come on!'

Two nights ago, Grady and I went to 31 Flavors to get the kids i-screem. By the time we got home, Pablo was asleep. I popped P's cup in the freezer. For two whole days it sat there. Then, last night, after dinner and dessert at Malo and a bath, Pablo remembered the cup of rainbow sherbet he had in the freezer.

Jo Ann and I tried talking him out of eating ice cream after eating ice cream at Malo and after brushing his teeth. We were in the process of steering him to bed. He insisted, as kids do when it comes to ice cream. I offered what I thought was a great compromise: "You can eat ice cream for brekkie."

"No Papa," was the response from the negotiator on the other side.

So, upstairs we went. He is getting tall, and used his new height to open the freezer door which used to tower out of reach over his head. With the door open, he pointed to the Baskin-Robbins bag nestled in the middle of eight other things. It was evident he'd been there before, stuying the mysterious bag of frozen delight.

We agreed he'd eat just a few bites. He did, and we were off to bed. I laid in bed with him (our jam) and told him stories in the dark. I'd seen four llamas on my bike ride that morning, so I spun those babies into the wildest, most unbelievable story. He either liked it or was being polite to his poor Papa. But he fell asleep all the same.

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