Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Funny Story From The Car Ride To CHLA

Pablo can't eat or drink til after surgery. To put a finer point on it, he can drink clear liquids. In our house that means water or apple juice-two things Pablo loves to pound down any day of the week. Except today. I swear, he just WANTS OJ and a red fruit popsicle just cos he CAN'T have it. I would! Who wouldn't?

A few minutes ago, on the way to CHLA, we drove by Intelligentsia, our local caffeine injection emporium. We always stop there, or the Starbucks in the Vons grocery adjacent to CHLA. Couldn't stop at either. Pablo would freak the funk to see us ordering delicious, sugary drinks in front of him, knowing that he'd be on the outside looking in.

So, I came up with a workaround: get someone to BRING us coffee-which could be consumed out of Pablo's sight-ASAP!

Adam Harrison from Dangerbird had just IMed me and I knew he was en route to Hollywood.

Using good ol' Blackberry Messenger, the best way to communicate when you absolutely gotta have something NOW, I got Adam to change his destination to Starbucks on Sunset and St. Andrews, then CHLA.

Then came the hard part: getting drink orders from Jo Ann and Dean without triggering Pablo. I spelled the order inquiries. They spelled out their orders in response.

Jo Ann spelled out "I C E D. L A T T E."

Dean dropped these letters: "I C E D. A M E R."

Suddenly, Pablo pipes up and says, "I'll have a hot choclate!"

Our Starbucks spelling bee plan was a bust. But, daaaaamn was that a funny and precious moment!

What's even funnier is that the admitting rep just asked Jo Ann if I was the patient. "I was going to ask if he could sign for himself," she said.

Laugh now, laugh hard, make all the 'he's a goofball, so that figures' comments you want lol! I deserve it, I'm sure!

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that our kids are way smarter than we ever give them credit for! I didn't have a chance to see you guys before you left the hospital yesterday. Have been thinkng about you all morning, and just wanted to let you know that Pablo is in our prayers, and that we are sending all of our well wishes his way! Praying that all goes well. Take care. Penelope, Mike & Helen