Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Are In A Room And Winding Down For The Night

Pablo isn't in the mood for photos, so you'll have to settle for Papa and Uncle Dean.

We got a room. Pablo is still dazed and confused, but doing well. The room has a VCR. Being that Pablo was born in 2003, he has no clue what a 'VHS tape' is. Love that! When I explained to him that the six DVDs he brought wouldn't play because his room had this older machine, he said, "Nana has that kind of a–thing–at her house." A huge bonus is that the nurse's station has his current fave 'Anastasia.' We only have it on AppleTV, cos it's not out on DVD yet.

We expected to be with the cancer crowd this week, but the fourth floor soft tumor unit is fully booked. No room for little Pabi. So we are in the 1960s-era physical rehab floor. Note the bubble-icious sky roof in the photo above. It's a whollllllle different scene up here. Noisy. Every kid has a dozen family members coming by. Many of these kids have been here for weeks or months, getting intensive rehab for gnarly injuries.

It's kind of nice up here in many ways. But we'll be happy when/if the fourth floor calls to say they've got a bed for Pablo. We like the quiet of that unit. Plus, all of our docs and fellows are roaming that floor all the time, so we get more face time with them.

So, Jo Ann and I are working the charge nurse to get us moved to floor four asap. Tomorrow would be the soonest.

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